Olive Oil Distributors

Olive oil importers are dealing with stricter requirements for products sold actively in the United States of America. State specific laws now require olive oil distributors to be proficient in meeting business capacities in this global market. As an experienced trade company, we understand the olive oil industry standards for distribution in today’s open market and focus on bringing in only best quality products for delivery to consumers.

In the coming years, the demand for quality products is expected to increase for this edible oil, increasing the market shares for higher levels of refined olive oil grades such as virgin olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil. As an experienced importer and licensed olive oil distributors, we have gained a competitive advantage in the market. We’re looking to expand our market base, satisfying the needs of both our customers and partner suppliers.

Trade Standards

Our Company is known for providing service guarantees pertaining to production, packaging under the imposed safe food conditions, and product labeling since olive oil has become a kitchen staple. It’s this knowledge of the industry that supports our producers with confidence to compete for a larger market share. Our approach to using best business practices include making sure qualified bottlers are certified to FDA inspections and importation processes. Our facility certifications allow acceptable individual shipments of food to be received, and our licensing boost manufacture packs and distribution servicing wholesale or direct retail consumer orders from the site.

We simplify the process of importing olive oil with our expertise and knowledge of the laws and rules pertaining to import businesses, including taxes, licenses, duty fees and other conditions required by the U.S. and exporting countries. We go one step further to verify the exporter terms and accompanying documentation are in full compliance at all times.


Across the board, most countries use the International Olive Oil Council standards for grading this precious food commodity. Recently, even the USDA has recognized the demand for this market and published a voluntary manual defining grade level with recommendations for acceptable inspections, testing and authentication standards for imported and olive oil distributors to use as guidelines.

Packaging & Labeling

Labeling typically notates the product ingredients; quantity according to the country’s measuring system, nutritional information, and company brand and contact information. The manufacturer, packer or distributor information is usually located on the back of the product label with the UPC scanning codes accessible to electronic scanning devices. Labels also include the oil’s certified quality and note organic productions accordingly to the country of entry regulations. This is standard practice for our services, especially for importers and distributors intending to sell product through wholesale and retail venues in the USA. In this case the FDA is the governing agency for compliance.