Liquor Distributors

Liquor distributors play an integral role in what others term as the three tiered beer distribution system. The three-tier system that requires all beer to pass through a middle person usually known as the distributor is widely used in every liquor distribution system. The system starts from the Producers, Distributors, Retailers and finally the consumers.

The benefits of liquor distributors

Beer distributors have a lot of advantages when it comes to enabling an efficient flow of beer from the manufacturer down to the consumer. In fact without the distributors, there will be a costly gap in the beer supply chain that may lead to muddled beer marketing and pricing. Some of the benefits of beer distributors include;
• The distributors help in increasing the prices of the alcohol significantly since they act as the middlemen. It means higher profit margins to the manufacturers and the retailers.
• The system is also beneficial to the small scale producers. The distributors can control the level of direct sales from both large and small scale producers to harmonize the prices and mitigate unfair levels of competition.
• Distributors help to manage the costs accrued by manufacturers and even retailers in transportation, marketing, storage and distribution of beer into the market. They do this by managing the large portfolio of beers and ensure that the quality of the beer is maintained at all times before consumption.
• Market security is a vital factor that should not be ignored in beer distribution system. The liquor distributors take care of the distribution system’s security by ensuring the illegal and harmful moves out of the distribution chain. The paper trail created during taxation as help to avoid the purchase of beer from unauthorized sources.

Finding the best beer distributor

Finding the right beer distributors is another daunting task that suppliers usually dread its outcome. Producers need to be prudent enough to understand the current beer marketing structure before deciding on a given distributor in the chain. The right beer producer should be able to undertake the task to help in selling the product not just deliver it.

Another important factor is the quality and the suitability of the liquor distributor to serve effectively in case a deal is made at the end. The distributor should be serving suitable geographical location and also be strategically located to the targeted retailers and consumers.

Agreeing on a deal with liquor distributors

Agreeing on a deal is the last stage of engaging with the distributors, after all, the conditions have been met. Some of the things done at this stage include;
• Well defined and acceptable policy on returned beers and standard issues.
• A list of discounts offered to the distributor in case of sales.
• The price of the beers which is the heart of the deal. The pricing should be reasonable enough to enable the distributor to make profits.

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