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Italians Win Gold Sofi at NYC Fancy Foods 2015 Event

Italy Wins Gold Sofi
New York City Italian Food Distributors proved this year at the 20015 NYC Fancy Food Event that buyers really can taste the difference. They awarded the gold Sofi for the La Pistacchiosa – the Sicilian Pistachio Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – and made all importers of fine Italian foods grateful that this is the appointed year for Pistachio trees to bloom in their every-other-year productivity.
While all importers do not specialize in La Pistacchiosa, the fact that the NY Fancy Food buyers and judges awarded the gold sofi for this fine Italian product will affect all other Italian imports gloriously as well.

Importing the Italian Best
Our foods available for import by food distributors are of the highest quality and identifiably from the best Italian estate farms. We assure that clients receive only foods made from fresh, vitamin rich Italian grapes, olives, tomatoes and our native spices.
Sauces from Tuscany
Sauces we import come from the most acclaimed Tuscany farms that are rich with the distinctive fresh Italian tomato taste and aroma. Italians, it must be remembered, enjoy their pasta with hearty tomato sauce served fresh from the fields where the tomatoes and spices were grown. Our imported sauces have the same regional zest and flavor you would taste if you were dining in Tuscany.
Olives Ripened and Harvested in Sicily
Our olives are the plumpest and taste awakening olives that can be grown to excellence in Italy’s olive producing countryside with the rich full body taste in each olive that award winning chefs expect from importing specialists.
o The olive oils pressed from Italy’s olives are first tasted, chosen and separated by the olive estate manager/owner to select only the best olives of the harvest for our imported olive oils. Italian food distributors are knowledgeable in their products and the produce that entitles those products to be considered best.
Italian Grown Spices
One whiff of the pungent pleasing aroma of any of our selection of freshly ground spices convinces even the inexperienced that these herbs and spices were especially grown, harvested and ground without losing any of their individual punch and celebration for the palate. Whether seeking pure Italian basil for preparation of the finest marinara or individual bay leaves to season all Italian families’ dinners, we have exactly what importers seek and much more.

We developed our line of Italian foods and spices for the Italian food distributors with the intent to become the one stop shopping source for any imported Italian food products. The quality and high flavor of our products speak for themselves and for Italy’s imports in total. Recipes made with guaranteed taste of real Italy will mark the homes and restaurants as native Italiano and not poorly imitated food products. The taste buds always recognize and acclaim the vast difference in true Italian cuisine’s blends, robust taste and addictive Italian gusto.