American Food Distributors

Exporting US food products by the use of American food distributors

If you are selling your food products just in the USA, you may know your market and effectively manage it. However, if you plan to sell you products out of the American market, there are a host of problems that you are bound to experience ranging from social, economic and political. That is where we come in as distributors to assist you get into the market.

We buy the food products, take the title of the goods, and then resell the food products to the end users. We sometimes use the wholesalers, who then sell to retailers before the product reaches the final consumer. We are all-round American food distributors around the world and carry many similar and complementary lines.

Why are we the American food distributors of choice?

We have the access to the international markets for your goods. By using our services, you cut down on the logistical costs of having to move the goods by yourself. This makes us the simplest method of establishing yourselves in the international marketplace.

We are also responsible for the shipment of your food products and do all the paperwork including various customs formalities around the world. Different countries have different regulations concerning the importation of foodstuffs into their countries. We take charge of the whole regulation environment and comply with the existing regulations.

We also take care of the differences in currency and fluctuations in the exchange rates among other currency-related risks. This saves you the headache and possibility or loss that comes with dealing in different currencies.

Over the years, we have established contacts and created a contact list, which is the pipeline for selling our goods. We introduce the new brands to the market using the same channel. Thus, it is much cheaper and fast for us to introduce new products in the market that you as you will have to start from the scratch.

We have a marketing budget in place for the marketing efforts of the new brands on the market. As we understand the particular markets that that we are pushing your products, we are able to get the right message out there and spur demand for your food products. This results in higher sales and more profit for the both of us.

When using our services, you do not have to worry about managing our sales channel or the risk of offering potential customers some credit facilities. We are able to identify trustworthy customers and can extend credit facilities to them to move the food products.

We usually buy goods in bulk and carry a stock of all the brands that we sell. We also take care of inventory control and warehousing costs in the international market. Moreover, we bear the cost of any good that damaged in our possession. It is thus a risk-free engagement.

Finally, we also give you the meaningful feedback from the market. We tell you what the customers feel about your products and what needs to be improved for the products to gain traction in the market.